Surreal Estate

In this wondrous, terrifying novel, Dewey Walsey and his pregnant wife Judith have fled Hollywood to escape the disastrous, career-wrecking failure of "Silver Rainbow", the western epic he wrote. Their peaceful summer on an unpopulated island in Maine turns ominous as strange and disturbing events begin to occur around their isolated cottage.  On the day of a monstrous early winter blizzard, the electricity fails at the same time Judith goes into labor, weeks ahead of schedule.  She suffers a profound nervous breakdown and tries to  take her own life by slashing her wrists in the bathtub.  Alone against the elements, Dewey must deliver their premature baby while also caring for his wife's sudden and harrowing predicament. As Dewey and Judith alternate orchestrating the reins of narration, they each attempt to clarify their side of what they say really happened. Surreal Estate is an unsettling, darkly comic tale, full of startling revelations and nerve-racking surprises, whose suspense keeps tightening until the macabre pieces of the puzzle come together in a hair-raising finale.

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