Winning Is Everything

This blockbuster New York novel finds roommates Kip, Ron and Gary moving to Manhattan right after college with dreams of making it big and having it all -- at any price, no matter the sacrifice.  They were in the Big Apple in the go-go 60's, where anything was possible and instant stardom could materialize overnight. Kip was too decent to be so handsome, too kind-hearted for the cutthroat world of acting and far too vulnerable to fall in love. Ron had wit, charm and smarts, plus the sexual prowess to charm his way to the top rung of the show biz ladder. He had everything going for him, in fact, except integrity.  Gary was the young man with the shrewdness of a movie mogul and the sensitivity of an artist, to say nothing of a secret need that would either make him or destroy him. Winning is Everything  follows the careers and love affairs of these three very different men as they navigate their way through the worlds of downtown money and uptown society, in a rousing tale of ambition, greed, and the need to succeed.

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