Back in 1958, in a small town on Central Long Island, students at Waterfield High were the center of their universe.  Yearbook's four main characters are quintessential teenagers whom we all knew back then. There's Guy Fowler, the rail thin, hopelessly short sophomore who eagerly seeks approval from Corky Henderson, the school's charismatic and wildly popular quarterback.  Corky's girlfriend, Ro-Anne Sommers, is the head cheerleader whose shallowness is easily overlooked thanks to the magnet that is her youthful beauty.  By sharp contrast, Amy Silverstein is a sadly unattractive ace student who makes up in brains what she lacks in appearance. These four beautifully drawn characters form the story of Yearbook, a former Literary Guild Selection of the Month novel that perfectly captures just what it was like to grow up in suburban America in the late 1950's.

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